Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Making Progress and Loving It!

Last night my husband kindly helped me to check my measurements. The last time I had checked my measurements was 2nd July 2014. I'm happy to report that my body is changing for the better!

Following the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan and working out regularly each day is really working. I'm so excited!!!!


My left calf has gone down by 0.5cm, my left thigh has gone down by 1cm, my hips have gone down by 0.5cm, the largest change has been my waist, which has gone down by 2.5cm, my abs have gone down by 2cm and my right arm has gone down by 1cm. 

I'm so pleased to be able to see that things are finally working! I will be checking my weight and my measurements again on 1st August, so hopefully I will have more good news to report!

I think that banning the scale was a very good idea. It means that I am more inclined to stay on track because I don't want to inadvertently undo my hard work! 

I have really been focussing on my nutrition and really trying to get a hold on the bingeing. So far, I am on day 6 binge-free! I think this is because I am taking part in the July BED Challenge on MyFitnessPal as well as doing a Shoot Your Food challenge that has been set up by Brooke (a.k.a. CrazyRunningMom). I'm posting the foods I eat each day on my Instagram page, so come and follow me on there if you don't already!

This journey I'm on is one of physical, emotional and spiritual change and I feel so blessed to finally be able to show myself enough love to make positive changes. If I can do this, you can definitely do it too.

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