Friday, July 4, 2014

Mixed Bags

Happy 4th of July!

Today has been rather a mixed bag! This morning went well - I had the (absolutely delicious) apple & carrot muffins that I made from the TIU Nutrition Plan (I didn't have any cardamom, so I substituted mixed spice) for Meal 1. Meal 2 was non-existent because I was waiting for a hospital appointment. Meal 3 was a Tuna Salad courtesy of the NHS catering team at the hospital. Despite buying some very sensible hummus & veggies to have for my Meal 4, I (for psychological reasons yet to be analysed) I chose to ignore the hummus and veggies and instead opted for a binge on ham sandwiches, tomato soup, sensation crisps and chocolate...Erm, yeah. I am definitely paying for that now - my digestive system is punishing me for my stupidity. Meal 5 was a tiny bit of Turkey chilli because I didn't want to have to admit how rubbish I was feeling but...

...for the sake of accountability and being honest with myself... this is the mammoth amount of food I  managed to consume:
10 slices warburton's Tiger Bread = 900 calories
10 slices wafer thin ham = 100 calories
2 x Heinz Tomato Soup = 346 calories
1 x Yorkie = 299 calories
1 x Walnut Whip = 171 calories
1 x Thai Sweet Chilli 150g bag = 755 calories!!!! WTF?!
BingeFail Total Cals = 2571 calories oh my good goddess

In short, I think we can safely assume I shan't be losing any weight this week!  (Not that I'm getting anywhere near any scales, but still). 

It's a new day tomorrow and I will work harder to stay on track with my eating and with my workouts. I did do one cardio workout today, but fely really quite unwell (this was before the binge), so I only did one workout instead of two. If I had stayed the course, it would have been much better - not to mention, I might have avoided bingeing if I had stuck to the workout plan... that didn't happen. I need to stop doing this to myself.

Tomorrow morning I will be going for a run - I'm going to put my trust in Brooke, also known as CrazyRunningMom, who has been giving me some beginner running advice. I am going to take myself off for a morning run and start my day off right. If you aren't already familiar with Brooke's YouTube channel, then please check her out. Her videos are honest, informative, motivational and inspiring.

Another great running YouTube channel is TheGingerRunner - amazing videos, amazing and inspiring. Please go and show both Brooke and Ethan some love because they both have excellent channels which promote running and active lifestyles.

Never give up your dreams (even if you're the only person in the way of them becoming a reality)


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